• Tips To Improve Your Home’s Security

    vd333It is essential for you to protect your home, the people, and property within it, even when a monthly home security system is outside your budget.There are plenty of cheap and reasonable ways to make your home less attractive to burglars and thieves.

    Hold A Household Meeting

    Make home security a standard practice, with all the household inclusive of the kids to agree to a routine where you encourage door, and window locks use. Train the kids not to open the door to strangers. Always lock the garage door.Use the alarm system all the time, even when taking a quick shopping trip or visiting next-door neighbors.

    Call The Police

    Many police departments grant free home inspections. The process involves an officer walking through your home and recommending easy, cost-effective changes to improve your home’s security system.

    Replace Weak Locks

    Locks are the weakest features on your door. Be sure to have either a grade 1 or grade 2 deadbolt locks penetrating the frame of the door. It is not essential to get one at a specialized locksmith. The deadbolt locks are available at home stores.Call a neighborhood locksmith or Google for one within your area and choose the one with best ratings and testimonials.

    Eliminate Hiding Spots

    Trim and prune plantings.If your bushes are too tall, rather thick or not well spaced, you are presenting a nice hiding spot for potential thieves and burglars.

    Check Windows

    Check if the locks on your windows operable.If not, get them fixed or replaced immediately. Consider fitting aftermarket window locks. These are intended to let you open the window slightly, while still keeping it secure. Another alternative is to use cheap window break alarms.

    Install Timers

    When you are not at home, you can create a “someone’s at home” appearance by using timers on lamps and televisions. There are plenty of gadgets available for this purpose.

    Place Keys In A Smart Spot

    Do not place car and house keys or remotes next to the door or otherwise obvious spots inside your house. Try to place them inside a cabinet or a drawer to keep them secure.

    Lock Up The Ladder

    Don’t keep a ladder outdoors. A burglar or a thief can acting as a handyman or contractor and may use it to gain access to an upper-floor window or balcony.

    Secure Air Conditioning Units

    Unsecured window air conditioning systems may provide an easy entry point for a burglar. Use sliding window locks, air conditioner brackets, or corner braces.


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