• How to Clean Pleated Blinds


    Pleated blinds like any other blinds can get really dirty if they are not cleaned frequently. The result is trapped dust, cobwebs and insect which would make them look unsightly and cause air pollution as the room where it is located will be filled with dusty air instead of a clean fresh air. So you might want to start cleaning your blinds more frequently, maybe weekly. This read will be critical in cleaning your venetian blinds. Here is how to make them clean and sparkling if you are lost on how to do it:

    Remove The blinds

    blind Overstretching your hands or hanging on a ladder is the easiest way to discourage yourself from ever cleaning your blinds again. It is better to remove them before the cleaning process for accessibility and comfortability. Take off the blinds from the rail and remove the cord lock, then lay it on a flat surface. Ensure the surface is clean.

    Get started with a vacuum cleaner

    Vacuum cleaners as we all know are created to suck in dirt. This is what you should first use so that other steps are easier for you. Use the bristle brush attachment of your vacuum to get started as this will help the dirt come off easily. Be careful here though; you do not want to end up ruining your blinds instead of cleaning them, gentle strokes will do the trick.

    Make sure to start

    from the top of the blind before getting to the base region because working your way from the base will just waste your time seeing that the dust from the top will still touch the bottom.

    Involve A Sponge

    Vacuuming alone would not be enough if you are aiming for a sparkling blind. A sponge will bring out the sparks. Dampen your sponge a little bit for this task and use it to clean both sides of the blind. Add a little fabric cleaner if there are stubborn stains on it. Sponge gently in order not to weaken the blind.

    Pat it Dry

    After rubbing the sponge on every corner of the blind, use a clean towel to pat the blind. The towel should be dry so that the blind can dry quickly because using a wet towel will leave the blind damp for a while and dust might settle quickly on it staining it before you even get the chance to admire your hard work. So, just look for a clean dry towel or squeeze the towel thoroughly before using it.

    Reinstall the blinds

    blindWhen the blinds are totally dry, make sure to hang it back to the window. Reinstall the cord and blind to the rail just as you had removed it. So that is how to clean your pleated blinds. If it is possible, endeavor to clean them daily but this time with just the damp sponge. Using a fabric cleaner daily would weaken the fabric of the blinds, so you might want to avoid doing that. The air around you becomes fresher when you clean daily.


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